Use Cases

last updated May 14, 2018

Opay - Full business integration and cryptocurrency

The Opay app will have innumerable integrated functions that will serve both retailers, consumers and investors in general.

Among all the features in the Opay app and website, we highlight:

  • Market cap
  • Receiving cryptocoins
  • Sending criptocoins
  • Receiving Opay Direct (No transaction fees)
  • Sending Opay Direct (no transaction fees)
  • Integration with Exchanges - Opay aims to become a global exchange hub
  • Generation script for receiving cryptocoins in which site
  • Wordpress and Magento plugins for receiving e-commerce cryptocoins

Retailers, service providers, B2B companies, third sector, non-profit and government agencies can use Opay to make quick, easy and secure transactions. Opay comes to the market as a definitive solution to transact and exchange cryptos in a context where globalization - especially as regards to commercial and financial aspects - will be experiencing a new stage, where barriers imposed by oligopolies and public agencies with dubious interests will finally be overcomed through technology.

Active integration and expansion team

We embarked on the Winco project professional teams, engaged and experienced in digital businesses, to promote the technology and available resources in several countries, impacting the largest possible number of consumers, investors and organizations willing to benefit and value this market.

Creating value for society

We believe in the power of blockchain technology, and we want to bring the benefits of using cryptos to anyone, not just the tech-savvy community. Freedom, privacy, fair transaction and exchange rates, speed and predictability in transactions and decentralization, we have plenty of reasons to make the future of money more immediate, and the more we create ways to get people to embrace technology, the more prosperous and just the world becomes.

Market valuation

Yes, the valuation of the cryptos market, as well as its capitalization against fiduciary currencies as to the value perceived by society, is irreparably important for technology to strengthen and transpose the barriers imposed by the establishment. As in any other market, investors play a key role in the growth of technology, regardless of whether they are fundamentalists or do not take risks with entrepreneurs and are committed to positive change.

Expansion stages

We focus primarily on B2C and B2B markets with large volume of transactions, for example the real estate market. As of today, several companies are using Winco and beta versions of the Opay app with technology team tracking, paving the way for more robust versions and offering us a feedback of market acceptance.

As these markets collect success stories using Winco and other aggregated services, new markets will be impacted preferably in the supply chain of the former markets. At this stage the volume of transactions is more organic, decentralize, and so on.