Token Information

last updated Aug 23, 2018

Contract Address: 0xd44bb6663936cab1310584a277f7daa6943d4904

Simbol: WCO

Available in::

Quotation: CoinMarketCap,CoinGecko

Blockchain: Ethereum

Standart: ERC20

Total supply and Burning of Tokens

last updated May 03, 2018

TOTAL SUPPLY: 933.881.476 WCO

The total number of coins created will always be available for consultation at Etherscan at the following address:

The total supply informed at Etherscan is only about the total tokens created, this reported amount will not necessarily represent the total tokens in circulation in the future. After the ICO period, tokens that have not been sold will be "burned" by sending the remaining currencies to the contract, so that in no circumstances will these tokens be transacted, sold, exchanged, sent or tampered with. The contract address has a hash that follows the same standard of the Ethereum wallets, it can receive tokens, however these tokens will never be sent from this address because the address of the tokens contract, cannot receive ether making it impossible to transact the tokens. Tokens are sent into a wallet without a private key which guarantees the burning process cannot be reversed. The entire process will be on open-source blockchain maintaining the transparency and security of our proposal.

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