last updated May 14, 2018

Winco carries the entire technology necessary to broaden the horizons of the blockchain, and to spread through non-digital businesses, by using the benefits of cryptocoins. People all over the world are eager to enter this world and most of them will find the ideal opportunity in familiar businesses. The Winco project will provide the tools to the market that will facilitate the negotiation of cryptos and the approach to strategic business that will leverage the number of users.

It is difficult for many companies to keep up with technological advances, and our goal is precisely to create the means for all this technology to become more accessible to all through the development of systems, educational materials, partnerships and marketing campaigns.

The focus of the Winco project is the application of cryptocurrency, this is the reason we have chosen to use a token on the Ethereum platform rather than in the development of a new competing platform. The Ethereum blockchain has perfectly matched the qualifications required for the project, and has the advantage of being already spread worldwide, which greatly facilitates the availability of Winco in a large number of exchanges.

In short, the project covers in various fronts the entire ecosystem by creating means for the cryptocoins to generate more value for society.