last updated May 14, 2018

Cryptocurrencies are invading discussions in finance and technology around the world. The impact of this revolution brought by Satoshi Nakamoto grows exponentially, generating more benefits for society. Professionals from different areas, encouraged by the new possibilities brought by cryptos, launch themselves into studies and projects that use this technology in solving problems found in several markets and that until not too long ago had no hopes of solution.

This technology alone is capable of attracting enthusiasts and entire markets, but it is necessary to develop the means for technology to reach people's daily lives in a global and definitive way. The means that could potentiate the use of cryptocoins, do not only extend to the virtual world, but there are many actions applied to the real world that could increase acceptance by new users, guaranteeing more reliability to the system as a whole, and the more users using virtual currencies the more benefit they bring to society. This is not a linear increase, but an exponential one, based on the assumption that the higher the number of users, the greater the liquidity, in a process that feeds back.

Cryptocurrency blockchain is the future and in many ways we can and should get involved. This is a world available to anyone, not a supremacy of any kind. Its decentralized characteristics are attractive because it embraces without discrimination. A level of technology that has never been seen before, and it will change the entire world, not only in the finance and technology sectors as expected, but it will also create faster, more secure, and reliable connections for all things that matters most, like in education, healthcare, governments, corruption, animal life, science, the possibilities are endless. It has the power to connect people in ways never thought possible. Cryptocurrency blockchain is more than just about making money, it is the inevitable future being presented to us, and because it is just the beginning, it is teaching us new ways of life. It is breaking barriers in traditionalism, life styles, methods that are being replaced by an intelligence which is taking the next generation into a growth spurt in humanity that will make history. To be able to be a part of this pioneering moment is an absolute advantage. A privilege.