Real Estate Market
The Wincorporate incorporated was created within the Winco project to foster the use of cryptocoins within the real-estate market. You can purchase real-estate using Bitcoin or Winco, relying on all the benefits provided by the cryptos. The real-estate market moves trillions of dollars daily around the world and establishing a prominent position within this market is one of our main focus to expand the Winco project. We want to create liquidity by bringing in large well-established non-digital businesses creating layers of movement that will eventually bring in small businesses.
Winnlife is a large residential complex with 148 apartments located near São Paulo - Brazil and designed by the architecture office Galvão Consolin. The properties will be sold off-plan and Winco will be accepted as a form of payment. Innovative action in the real estate market that opens the way to numerous projects that will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, generating great liquidity to the market and benefits to consumers.
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Praça da Bandeira | Reform flag square - Brazil


Construction | Hampton by Hilton Unit

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