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1º Round of Sales

closure in 28/03/2018

346789301 WCO
1200000000 WCO


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27899.60000000 WCO to 0x7ba2b1696f8a721c431297462420bec9880121d8
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86960.40000000 WCO to 0x106126cbcdc5960387f18918ae9712bb1b1edcb9



1 Winco

$0.05 500,000,000 WCO SOLD OUT Sales Success


1 Winco

$0.07 Purchase it in February 19 Sales Ends when reach total batch or on March 28


1 Winco

$0.10 Purchase it in March 29 Withdrawal of WINCO's for wallets Negotiations in Exchanges

Why to Invest

The cryptocurrency market is the last big technological revolution since the creation of the internet, the growing impact that the use of the cryptocurrencys is unleashing in the whole world is unprecedented. To participate or not of this market is not a question of choice, because everyone, soon or later, will be using, directly or indirectly, the benefits of this new technology, the question is to invest now and to profit the most or to let this opportunity pass.

where to use Winco

Real Estate Market

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Incorporations.


Products Franchises and Physical and Virtual Services


App for network for the online and offline retail network


Traded in the main Exchanges of the market


Decentralized financing of new business

Winco uses
Blockchain Ethereum



Broadly agile and scalable Blockchains



Platform widely used by several digital assets



Algorithm for maintaining transaction rates



Secure transactions guaranteed by Blockchain

Be part of this revolution, we are just in the beginning! See below the opinions of experts and renowned entrepreneurs in the areas of technology and economics.

We are only at the beginning of a revolution



Q4 - 2017

- April 2017 - Planning and guidelines for the creation and implementation of the Winco system.
- September 2017 - Acquisition of land for the design and construction of 2 residential towers.

Q1 - 2018

- January 2018 - Pre pre-sale (500,000,000 Winco's distributed for $ 0.05) traded in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.
- Entry into Project approval of the first decentralized real estate project – WinnLife Residential.

Q2 - 2018

- January to July 2018 - App development (oPay) of storage, payments and receiving with Winco and other cryptocurrencies
- February 2018 - Pre-Sale (700,000,000 Winco's distributed for $ 0.07) negotiated in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.
- March 2018 - Official release

Q3 - 2018

- March to July 2018 - Prospecting new real estate areas for decentralized residential development and hotel construction.
- September 2018 - Partnership with international hotel chain for the construction and implementation of units

Q4 - 2018

- April to December 2018 - Insertion of WinCo into exchanges for the purchase and sale of the currency
- May 2018 - Presentation of WinnLife Project and start of works
- September 2018 - Integration of the oPay platform into the main associated business networks. Payment of services and products in trades and associated companies
- October 2018 - Start of Sale of WinnLife apartments in the plant exclusively in Winco coins
- December 2018 - Development of online betting platform with Cryptocurrencies

Q1 - 2019

- September 2019 - Design and construction of Port in Asia
- December 2019 - Bidding, Design and Construction of International Airport in Asia